Tuesday, July 28, 2009

time flies!

anderson will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! wow! i know he's still so little, but i find myself getting a little sad that he's grown up this much already! ridiculous, i know, because it's not like he's 11 years old or anything! time is just flying by and before we know it, he'll be going to his first day of kindergarten. ahh! i can't even think about it.

anders had his 2 month check up 2 weeks ago. he weighed 11.8lbs, 22.5 in long, and his head measured 39.5. he was perfect! he got his first round of shots, which he wasn't happy about. he was fussy the next couple of days after that. he also has clogged tear ducts that have made his eyes yucky. i've been putting drops in them and massaging them alot during the day so he won't have to have surgery on them. if they don't get any better by 6 months, then they'll look into some sort of surgery. i hope we don't have to do that, so i'm really trying to get them cleared up.
he has started laughing and smiling ALOT!! he's really so happy. he follows voices and movements. he's figured out how to put his hand in his mouth. he loves to suck on it! he drools alot because of it! i've been supplementing with formula now for about a month and just recently, he's decided he doesn't want anything to do with bottles anymore. i've gone through about 7 different bottles to try to get him to take, but he just won't. all he wants to do is nurse. there's one bottle he'll take if he absolutely has to, but he mostly cries the whole time. so, needless to say, he's never really far from my side!! which is fine by me! he's been such a wonderful addition to our lives, it's crazy!!!! we think he's the greatest thing ever! my little mini-me!

our house is being built also! we're so excited...they're framing it now. hopefully we'll be in it in the next few months. i don't even want to think about packing! this will be my 6th time to move in 3 years!! ugh! i'm a professional! hopefully this will be the last time for awhile.

also, my family came last week for a visit...i was so glad to see everyone..i miss them so much. of course, they couldn't get enough of the baby! we had a lot of fun and i cannot wait to see everyone again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

our house!

these are pictures from the website (solaustin.com). this is not our house, but an exact one that is being built like ours. we signed on our house 3 weeks ago. chris krager (the architect) told us that they should be breaking ground on ours by mid-july...which is right around the corner! the house may be completed by november. we are so excited!!!!!!