Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how much longer???!!

i just got back from my doctor's appt. everything is looking good! i asked the doctor if she could "guesstimate" how much anderson weighs right now and she said she would guess almost 5 pounds. but, she DID say that there is more stuff in there to factor in than just a baby. he is still head down...YAY!! and she doesn't think he'll move from that position. he's running out of room in there!! i asked if i was getting another sonogram and i cannot remember what she said!! ah, i cannot wait to get my brain back! i think she said i would, but then again, i absolutely must've blanked out because i don't remember!

the pic above is me at 34 weeks. this is getting a little uncomfortable! if he decides to go to his due date, i'm going to be very upset with him!! i think 38-39 weeks along is perfect for him to come on out!! PLEASE don't disappoint your mother, anders!!!! (please excuse the mess behind me in the picture..our office has just kind of been collecting stuff!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

size small

so my friend josh came for a visit last week and brought jakob and i mississippi t-shirts with designs by ginger on them. they are both size small. i put this one on as a joke because i didn't think i could fit in it...but....I CAN WEAR A SMALL!!! so i decided to dance around in complete joy and had jakob take pictures of me enjoying the moment. i look like i have a basketball underneath my shirt!

33 weeks and counting...

here i am at 33 weeks!! i know he has several more weeks to bake, but i couldn't be more ready for him to get the heck outta there!!! i feel absolutely HUGE and know that it's only going to get worse! i can't imagine being any bigger. i feel like he already weighs 8 pounds. i go to my last 2 weeks appointment next wednesday and then after that, it's every week!! yaaaay! i can't wait to see him!

Monday, April 13, 2009

skylar and her crown

just thought i would share the funniest conversation i've EVER had in my entire life. it was with a 4 year old little girl named skylar at a restaurant the other night, standing in line waiting for the bathroom.

i'm standing there, waiting, and into the hall walks a little girl wearing a handmade crown.

me: "heeeey, i like your crown."
skylar: "i like your baby."
me: "thank you."
skylar: "can i see it?"
me: "well, you can't right now because he's not ready to come out yet."
skylar: "well, i want to see him."
me: "he's still too little to come out. he has to stay in there a little bit longer."
skylar: "i like your baby in there."
me: "thank you."
skylar: "can i poke him?" (she points her finger towards my stomach)
me: "um, well..."
skylar: "he'll cry if i poke him."
me: "yep, that's right."
skylar: "i like him."

she then skips around the hall and we're still all waiting for this one person to come out of the bathroom. she goes up to the door and yells: "somebody musta had to POOPOO in there!"

i swear, if my kid is as funny and cute as this little girl was, i'll be happy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


we took inri to the vet saturday and talked with his doctor. we got some really good news. he may actually be a great candidate for a hip surgery!! i have to call the organization that does the surgery and set up a consultation. it really blew our minds that our vet told us this because the first vet that we took him to that told us to put him down and go adopt a "normal and healthy" dog basically told us there was no hope for him. needless to say we are thrilled that he may be getting this surgery and she also told us that putting him down was not even an option in her mind!! YAY!!!! she said she's never seen a happier, healthier looking dog and that we will control the minimal amount of pain he is in with meds until the surgery. we LOVE this woman! she is our hero.

i forgot to update everyone on my dad also. he's doing fine!! still not back at work, but healing quite nicely at home. i finally unpacked that bag i had waiting in my bedroom just in case...

i have a doctor's appt tomorrow and will be meeting (maybe) my new doctor. there are 3 others in the clinic with my doctor and i was told i could try out all of them to see which one i want to use. we'll see how this meeting goes tomorrow!!
anders is moving like crazy! the other night i was laying on my left side watching a movie in bed and he kept moving his knee around my right side! it looked completely nuts! i could actually see his knee pushing my skin out!...kinda weird to look at! he moves more now than he ever has. and he moves constantly at throughout the night. i am 32 weeks today!! 8 more weeks to go! and MAYBE 6 or 7 if i'm lucky!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

inri and his legs

jakob and i are taking inri to the vet tomorrow. he's not using his left leg. he just kinda hops around like a bunny. for you that don't know anything about inri and his legs, he was hit by a car when he was a pup and shattered his hips, wasn't taken to a doctor by the evil people that had him, so his leg joints just grew around muscle and that's how he's been able to walk. he hasn't ever shown any signs of being in pain. he knows his limits and knows how much he can do with his legs. but, now that he isn't even using his left leg now (except when he goes outside he'll run a little), we're starting to worry. we've always said since having him (almost a year now!!) that if he is in any pain and nothing can be done, we will put him to sleep. the thing is, he still is so happy!! he's still outside running and plays like crazy with jakob. we just do not know what to do, so we're taking him to our vet that saved safron's life when she was sick a year ago (yes, our pets are ridiculous!) and we're going to get her opinion. we really trust her and value her opinion.

jakob and i are getting very impatient having to wait on anders!! jakob said yesterday that this was the worst suspense he's ever been in in his entire life!! waiting to see what your child looks like is the most mind blowing experience ever! i cannot wait to see who he looks like! hurry up 8 weeks!!