Tuesday, April 7, 2009


we took inri to the vet saturday and talked with his doctor. we got some really good news. he may actually be a great candidate for a hip surgery!! i have to call the organization that does the surgery and set up a consultation. it really blew our minds that our vet told us this because the first vet that we took him to that told us to put him down and go adopt a "normal and healthy" dog basically told us there was no hope for him. needless to say we are thrilled that he may be getting this surgery and she also told us that putting him down was not even an option in her mind!! YAY!!!! she said she's never seen a happier, healthier looking dog and that we will control the minimal amount of pain he is in with meds until the surgery. we LOVE this woman! she is our hero.

i forgot to update everyone on my dad also. he's doing fine!! still not back at work, but healing quite nicely at home. i finally unpacked that bag i had waiting in my bedroom just in case...

i have a doctor's appt tomorrow and will be meeting (maybe) my new doctor. there are 3 others in the clinic with my doctor and i was told i could try out all of them to see which one i want to use. we'll see how this meeting goes tomorrow!!
anders is moving like crazy! the other night i was laying on my left side watching a movie in bed and he kept moving his knee around my right side! it looked completely nuts! i could actually see his knee pushing my skin out!...kinda weird to look at! he moves more now than he ever has. and he moves constantly at throughout the night. i am 32 weeks today!! 8 more weeks to go! and MAYBE 6 or 7 if i'm lucky!!

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