Monday, April 13, 2009

skylar and her crown

just thought i would share the funniest conversation i've EVER had in my entire life. it was with a 4 year old little girl named skylar at a restaurant the other night, standing in line waiting for the bathroom.

i'm standing there, waiting, and into the hall walks a little girl wearing a handmade crown.

me: "heeeey, i like your crown."
skylar: "i like your baby."
me: "thank you."
skylar: "can i see it?"
me: "well, you can't right now because he's not ready to come out yet."
skylar: "well, i want to see him."
me: "he's still too little to come out. he has to stay in there a little bit longer."
skylar: "i like your baby in there."
me: "thank you."
skylar: "can i poke him?" (she points her finger towards my stomach)
me: "um, well..."
skylar: "he'll cry if i poke him."
me: "yep, that's right."
skylar: "i like him."

she then skips around the hall and we're still all waiting for this one person to come out of the bathroom. she goes up to the door and yells: "somebody musta had to POOPOO in there!"

i swear, if my kid is as funny and cute as this little girl was, i'll be happy.

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