Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how much longer???!!

i just got back from my doctor's appt. everything is looking good! i asked the doctor if she could "guesstimate" how much anderson weighs right now and she said she would guess almost 5 pounds. but, she DID say that there is more stuff in there to factor in than just a baby. he is still head down...YAY!! and she doesn't think he'll move from that position. he's running out of room in there!! i asked if i was getting another sonogram and i cannot remember what she said!! ah, i cannot wait to get my brain back! i think she said i would, but then again, i absolutely must've blanked out because i don't remember!

the pic above is me at 34 weeks. this is getting a little uncomfortable! if he decides to go to his due date, i'm going to be very upset with him!! i think 38-39 weeks along is perfect for him to come on out!! PLEASE don't disappoint your mother, anders!!!! (please excuse the mess behind me in the picture..our office has just kind of been collecting stuff!)

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  1. We can try and force that baby out with queso tomorrow! I don't know how, but I think it's possible if we really, really try!