Saturday, May 26, 2012

wow. i really suck at this.

as you can obviously tell, i haven't been keeping up with this whole thing. for 2 years. that's unreal. time really does go by so fast.

i've looked through this blog several times over the past couple of years and intended to get around to writing about what has been going on. i've put it off every time thinking i would find the perfect day to sit down and fill in the years i've let go by. i guess this is my perfect day. so.....

anderson just turned 3 a week ago! i honestly cannot believe he's already 3. i can't even say that enough. last year was full of getting to know this little guy! he really started developing his personality, likes, and dislikes at 2. he definitely had a bout with the terrible two's! wow. the fits this child can throw! he knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it, he will put up a fight for it! that is something that we dealt with a lot last year. he was testing the limits. all the time. he really developed his love (um, more like, OBSESSION) with trucks too. the boy loves anything with wheels. in august, i got a part time teaching job at an episcopal preschool. the awesome part is that anderson went with me. i was in a different class (thank goodness!) but i could spy on him whenever i wanted and i actually got to see him a lot during the day. i loved still being with him all day, but not really being with him! he did really well at school. he ate lunch at school (prepared by a cook) and actually started eating a few more foods because of that. he's been a pretty picky eater (not many vegetables, no potatoes or mushy foods) so it was nice seeing him eating things that he would've normally never touched had i made them at home! he liked music class. he was coming home and "singing" some of the songs, which i couldn't understand, but he seemed to really know what he was singing! he really loved his teachers, jessica and laura. he made a couple of friends, theo and nicholas. they weren't in his class but he played with them at recess. he really didn't play with any of his friends in his own class. unfortunately, i had to quit my job in april and anderson and i have been at home ever since. i know he really liked the structure and routine, but every time we've passed the school's street on the way somewhere he tells me "no 'cool', mommy." he does it when we get dressed in the mornings too. so, i don't think he's that heartbroken over having to stay at home with me!!

anderson has started trying to make me and jakob laugh. he thinks pooting is funny. he laughs at "funny" things when he watches a movie or cartoon. he's really into saying "watch this mommy," and he'll twirl around or jump or fall down. he's still very much in love with trucks. i think we may have 88 trucks, of all kinds (he doesn't discriminate), at home. he loves watching bob the builder and old spiderman cartoons. we have to limit how much kung fu panda he watches because after one episode, he thinks he knows karate. i'm usually on the receiving end of that one. he LOVES his daddy. he's just started asking me "daddy on way" near the end of the day. he runs to the door when he hears jakob come in from work. he's super sweet when he wants to be. he loves to rub your arm when he gets tired. he'll look up at me and know he's tired but he's trying not to be and he looks at me goes "hey, mommy." it melts my heart. he's very gentle with children. especially with younger kids. he loves babies. he is a very easy child for other kids to get along with. he's not aggressive at all. in fact, when he was in school, that was something we kind of had an issue with! he wouldn't take up for himself. he's working on that now. he loves artie and inri. he likes to ride artie like a horse, pull his ears like reigns and say "EEEEaaaaah." of course, artie doesn't mind. he lets anderson do whatever to him, just as long as he gets attention from him!!! he's starting to like to be read to. he's never been into books but recently, it's one of his favorite things.

we've been to MS several times. he's flown on a plane twice in the past year. the last trip, it blew his mind. he was so excited to be riding on the plane and soaked up the whole experience. he loves his cousins and yiayia. it's been the past year that he really has started to "know" family members. he talks about yiayia a lot and the past couple of times he has talked about allie and audrie after we get home. now, he totally gets it and knows who they are and asks about them all the time. it makes me really sad when he asks about everyone back home and thinks they can just come over and play with him. he gets disappointed when i tell him they can't come over. i feel my heart break every time that happens. he's starting to want to be around everyone back home a lot more.

there are so many things i want to write about anderson. funny things he says that i don't want to forget. fun things we've done together or things he's excited about. there are so many things that i'm afraid as time goes by i will forget. but i think the most important thing that i can remember is what a fantastic child i have. he's sweet and mindful of others. he's very strong willed and funny and so stubborn. he's such a wild little spirit. i still look at him and cannot believe he's mine. he's such a beautiful kid and all i want is for him to be happy in life. whatever he does, whoever he becomes..that's all i'll ever want for him.

so...happy 3rd birthday, anderson. i look forward to celebrating many more years with my boy. you're the light of my life.

i'm going to really try to post more. i'm sure no one is reading this! but it will be nice to go back and be able to read this years from now. i'm going to end this with some pics of A!!!

                 anderson's 2nd birthday 
(he had a fever virus, so we didn't have him a party that year)

going to the school thanksgiving lunch!

      at a birthday party in jan 2012. 
     he loves a bouncy house!

meeting eloise for the 1st time april 2012 (he calls her "weeze")

his 3rd birthday present from mom and dad! best day of his life!!

birthday boy!! such a little dude!