Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 months old and first trip to MS

we had our first trip to jackson on the 7th. anders was PERFECT on the trip there and back. he slept most of the time and just woke up to play or eat for a minute. we had such a wonderful, awesome trip home. anders met g-mama and papou, ginger got married, and we got to visit with family and a lot friends we haven't seen in a while. we also had a HUGE baby party at our friends jay and jackie's house. the picture above is us attempting to get a picture of all the babies. that's the best photo we got. they were all over the place!! i was pretty busy with gin's wedding preparations (FUN!!) so, we didn't get alot of visits in to some people..but we'll hit them up our second round home in november for thanksgiving!!! we can't wait to some back and see everyone...again! it was a fun, successful trip and anders did so well, we were impressed!!

so anders is 5 months old now! he's rolling over from his back to tummy now. he actually started it the day he turned 5 months old. he also is babbling and cooing like crazy! it's SO cute and makes me laugh all the time now. he's such a source of entertainment..i can sit and watch him all day!!! he's reaching and grabbing for everything! and everything he gets goes into his mouth. he focuses so well on things and loves to touch things. he's started a cute little game where he stares at you until you look at him and then he looks away and squeals, then he looks back at you to see if you're still looking at him! it is adorable! he's starting to sit up by himself now...sort of. he can for a few seconds by himself. by thanksgiving he will be sitting up! he is absolutely the best baby ever!!