Saturday, August 30, 2014

well, hello there....

eek! i just read my last post and it made me really sad i haven't kept this up. its been over 2 years since the last time i posted. 2 years! wow, SO much has changed and happened. my little family surely doesn't shy away from change, thats for sure!! so, here goes!

June 2012, we decided to move to mississippi. we needed a change and we really wanted to be around family for anderson. we decided to move january 2013. even though we were looking forward to the move, i do have to say that the last 6 months we were in austin were probably the best we'd had since first moving in 2007. jakob started his solo music career and for some reason we really started enjoying the city more. i guess because we knew it was coming to an end! we did sort of contemplate not going back home but since we'd made the plan and told family, we knew we'd have to follow through! so...our plan was to move to jackson for 2 years and after that, we would reevaluate and see where to go after that.

we moved home and lived with my mom for 5 months until we moved into a rental in june 2013. i started working at a methodist church daycare and anderson went with me. he had a rough couple of weeks because my room was right next to his and everytime he walked by he saw me. he would hold his arms out and say "MOOOMMY!" one of his teachers told me that at nap time, he slept by the wall that joined our rooms. she said he would point at the wall while laying there and say "mommys in there."broke my heart! after 2 weeks, he was completely fine and LOVED his teachers (miss doris and mrs sherry) and really loved going to school. his language blew up and thus, started his never ending talking. i was so worried about him not having a large vocabulary at 3. well, i can say today...he has NO issues with talking. its non stop. all.the.time.

andersons love for cars, trucks, or anything with wheels has definitely intensified! his favorite center all through school at galloway was the car/truck center. he made several great friends his last year. lorenzo, ainsley, james, senyo and charlie were his little "group." charlie and anderson really became 2 peas in a pod! they became so inseparable, they had to be separated in class! evidently, what they thought was fun and funny in class, their teachers didn't!! they had their own little inside jokes and loved each other so much!! anderson loves school but when he went into the 4 year old class and we had conferences, one thing he struggled with was doing things he didn't want to do. like, actually working! he loved playing and that is all he wanted to do! writing, computer time, story time....if it took him away from playing, he didn't really want to be a part of it. so, that is something he worked on. he got better but there's still room for improvement! since his language blew up after moving, he started saying a ton of funny stuff that of course made jakob and i laugh all the time! when his foot was asleep he would say it had been "sprinkled," lightening was the sky cracking and hugging was "pressing." around age 4 he started asking a ton of questions. a lot of "but, why" and he always wants an answer! if i didn't know he would say "just tell me!!" and i would try to make something up but now hes catching on and telling me my answer doesn't make sense! oops!!

hes definitely a little comedian. he loves making people laugh and saying things that are crazy just for a response. he is still SO stubborn. he has his own ideas of what he wants to do, wear and say! he went through a phase in 4k where he wore his fireman costume pants (from when he was 2) for about 2 weeks straight. he wore overalls from the week of his 5 birthday all the way until july of this year. he has my clothes issue where they can't be too tight or loose and most definitely cannot be itchy. his teachers learned to just go with whatever he came in wearing!

our time in mississippi was great. we reconnected with old friends. made new friends. and the help we had from my family was incredible. he spent every friday night with yia yia (my mom) and allie and audrie. seeing how much fun he had with my family was so incredible. with everyone wanting to spend so much time with him, jakob and i were able to do so much together! going out to eat, going to see bands or going to a friends house was no big deal because we knew he was with family and we didnt have to worry about him. and we knew he was having a blast so that made it even more stress free!!!

anderson was having a blast in jackson. jakob and i, however, were not. we had basically everyone we loved in one city. we had all the help we could handle. we had a wonderful house to live in and i had a great job. it just wasn't austin. and we never shook the feeling that "home" wasn't home anymore. austin became our home. so, we took a trip to austin in february 2014 and the minute we drove in, we knew. the trip was great. we were sad to leave. and we came home, discussed for a week or so and decided to come back home. it wasn't easy. we were leaving our families again. giving up all the help we could ever have or want. i was leaving my job i liked. and most importantly, we were taking anderson away from everyone he loved and everyone he loved were losing him. we didn't make the decision to move back very easily, but it was an easy decision for us. we knew giving up alot and moving away would be hard, but austin!! its amazing to live in a city you actually believe in and gives you butterflies. i love the fact i can be driving somewhere here and think " i can't believe i live here!" that has never gone away in the 6 years we've been together!

so here we are. back home. and LOVING it.

anderson and i will start school next week. we will be going to st. davids episcopal dayschool. he will be starting kindergarten! omg. i can't believe it. he is looking so forward to it. the week after we moved back i put him in the summer camp at st. davids. i, of course, was so nervous he would be shy and wouldn't want to go back after the first day. but he loved it. he definitely isn't shy! he walked right in every day with no hesitations. i am looking forward to starting my job and seeing what all anderson will learn this year!!

here is anderson at 5:
he's still very stubborn. very. he loves babies. he's gentle with younger kids than him. he's rough and tough at home but outside of home, he's usually on his best behavior! he's sensitive to others feelings, he loves his mom and dad (randomly all the time he tells us he loves us. his thing now is to tell me "im breaking his heart" and when i ask why he says "because i love you so much"), he hates hearing the word no and doesn't like to be told he can't do something (i MAY has passed that one down to him!), he is very observant and knows if you are wearing something new! he doesn't hesitate to tell us we look "beautiful" or "handsome" which is the sweetest thing ever, he gets frustrated if he can't do something, he talks non stop, he's funny and loves to try to make you laugh with things he says, he's had an imaginary friend "pootie" for a year or so and makes up stories as to where pootie is or what he's doing, he hates getting water in his face, he loves being around people and isn't shy at all (jakob passed that one down!) he still loves cars, trucks or anything with wheels!! he's just a super sweet, funny little guy and jakob and i just love him so much!!

well, there you go! 2 years in a nutshell. i hate that i haven't written all of this as it happened. oh well, maybe i will do better?!?!!!

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