Wednesday, September 23, 2009

happy baby!

4.5 months old!

anders had his 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago. he's in the 50th percentile in height (25 inches) & weight (14.6lbs) and his head is of normal size! yay! the doctor said he's perfect. he is still having issues with his eyes, the doctor said it is his tear ducts and if they do not clear up by 9 months old, he will have surgery. hopefully we will not need it.

he is reaching for everything now and putting whatever he gets into his mouth! hearing him laugh is the cutest thing! he gets really teased and will laugh and hide his face and then look at me out of the corner of his eye! he loves to be held but now he's getting to where he likes to be put down on his stomach and patted on the back to go to sleep. he is rolling over from his tummy to his back but hasn't quite figured out how to get from his back to his tummy..he's trying though! i have seen a temper starting to develop over the last week too! he's getting to where he is screaming out really loud if he doesn't like something. he fights sleep now, which is no fun...he usually does not go to sleep without a fight. he just wants to stay awake as long as jakob or i are awake. i think he's scared he's going to miss something. we started on cereal a couple of days ago. he's doing great. i mix in a little applesauce or pears with it and he eats the heck out of it!! i'm getting anxious about when to start weaning him to the bottle. my goal was 6 months old, which is 6 weeks away (whoa!)...but we will see. if he's not ready, i'm not going to push it, but i'm getting kind of ready. i'm not too comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding a child with teeth or that is going to be teething, so i'm guessing we will start the weaning process sometime in november. i'm also ready to start back working and don't want to still be exclusively breastfeeding while i'm working full time. sooooo...wish us luck...i think he may have a hard time giving this one thing up!!!!

time is really going by extremely fast. and because of this, i hold anders whenever/for however long i want, don't let him cry for very long when he wants to be picked up, kiss him and squeeze him....i don't think you can "spoil" a 4 month old and even if you can, i don't care...he's only a certain age once and i will never get any of these moments back. sometimes i pick him up in the middle of him napping just to hold him and i don't care if he wakes up, i just want to hold him because i won't be able to when he's not a baby anymore. jakob walked up to him the other night when he was asleep after getting home late and anders had already gone to bed. he looked at me and said that he wanted to hold him so, i told him just to pick him up and hold him. there's no rule that he can't. and yes, as exhausted as i am, i told him if he woke up, i'd deal with him and stay up to put him back down. i'm just so glad that he's here, healthy and happy, i'll take an hour less of sleep just to have him smiling at me and cooing at 12 at night.

oh, i've noticed i haven't updated on our house in a while. it's made progress! as of last monday, the insulation has been put in. they should be sheetrocking it this weekend. i'm thinking it may be finished end of october!! we're so excited. this has been a stressful year long process that jakob and i are ready to put to and end! i will post about the process of this ordeal later. but, we've made it through and hopefully will be in our new house in a little over a month!!

my cousin cameron is leaving for iraq as we speak, so please keep him in your thoughts.
oh, and today is my sister's birthday..i forgot to call (mom brain is like having mashed potatoes for brains), i'm sending her a happy birthday across the world wide web! also, my mom (yia yia) came for a visit this past week! we had a fun visit...i don't think i've ever heard anders laugh so much. i was sad to see her go..but we will be in jackson in a couple of weeks for ginger's wedding and anders will get to finally meet a lot of family! i'm so excited about him meeting his g-mama for the first time. it's his only living great-grandparent! i will have a lot of pics to post after his first trip to mississippi!!!!