Friday, April 3, 2009

inri and his legs

jakob and i are taking inri to the vet tomorrow. he's not using his left leg. he just kinda hops around like a bunny. for you that don't know anything about inri and his legs, he was hit by a car when he was a pup and shattered his hips, wasn't taken to a doctor by the evil people that had him, so his leg joints just grew around muscle and that's how he's been able to walk. he hasn't ever shown any signs of being in pain. he knows his limits and knows how much he can do with his legs. but, now that he isn't even using his left leg now (except when he goes outside he'll run a little), we're starting to worry. we've always said since having him (almost a year now!!) that if he is in any pain and nothing can be done, we will put him to sleep. the thing is, he still is so happy!! he's still outside running and plays like crazy with jakob. we just do not know what to do, so we're taking him to our vet that saved safron's life when she was sick a year ago (yes, our pets are ridiculous!) and we're going to get her opinion. we really trust her and value her opinion.

jakob and i are getting very impatient having to wait on anders!! jakob said yesterday that this was the worst suspense he's ever been in in his entire life!! waiting to see what your child looks like is the most mind blowing experience ever! i cannot wait to see who he looks like! hurry up 8 weeks!!

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