Thursday, June 25, 2009

oh, boy!!

anderson is now 6 weeks old! wow!

he's now getting on a schedule with feeding and sleeping. he's doing very well at night. last night, he actually went 3 hours between feedings! he's not sleeping as much during the day and really likes to look around now. and the boy LOVES bath time!! he just lays there and looks around. he's grown so much. i'm not sure what he weighs, but i'm guessing 10 pounds. all i know is that the kid has an awesome double chin now! he really likes eating....a lot. it feels like he eats all the time! jakob and i are enjoying him so much! we love laying him in the bed in between us and just staring at him and laughing at all of his moans and grunts. anders makes so much noise, i swear the neighbors can probably hear him! aunt lindsey says he sounds like a swingset when he eats!! and he does! it's hilarious! he has his 2 month check up on july 17 where he will get his first round of shots...ouch...not looking forward to it.

we love him so much! i finally had a night away from him last night to see jakob and joshua play (thank you aunt sarah!) and the whole time i felt weird because i didn't have something attached to me! i missed him so much and felt like such a goob because i wanted to show everyone that asked about him pictures and videos on my phone!! i honestly couldn't wait to go see him! jakob and i are so in love with this little nugget!!

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