Sunday, May 10, 2009

full term and a gift

37 weeks! he's now officially full term! hopefully he will realize that and come out next weekend. i'm probably going to be wrong but i feel like he's coming in the next week or 2. i have a doctor's appointment wednesday, so we'll see if there's been any action this past week. cross your fingers and say a prayer.

jakob and i heard from the architect that's doing our house. they've started on a few houses in the development and he says that they will be breaking ground on ours the end of this month. we'll see. i'd like to believe him, but i'm not getting my hopes up! i know it may be september or october before this is all over with. which is fine, because anders will be a little older when we move.

i know you've all heard it by now, but i have a fantastic story to share. jakob and i were doing yardwork yesterday and i noticed (after being outside for 30 minutes already) that there was something growing in the dirt beside our front door. i walked over to it because i thought maybe it was a weed i needed to pick. the thing is, that whole area was dug up back in january because we had some drainage issues. they filled in the area with dirt and it's all dry and covered with leaves now. there's no grass and it hasn't rained here in 2 weeks. anyway, i walk up to the "weed" and notice something familar about it. i'd seen it before and then it hit me. they were easter lilies. my grandmother's favorite flower. my grandmother died 4 years ago. i almost passed out in my driveway. jakob makes fun of me all the time because i do believe in "signs" from loved ones that have died. as crazy as it may sound to some who don't believe, this was a gift from her to me. i truly believe it. jakob and i replanted them in a pot on our backporch and they have now bloomed. happy mother's day to me, huh, grandma?!!


  1. You are so close! The Easter Lilies from your Grandmother are BEAUTIFUL! I believe too.

  2. PS - I keep a blog of mostly photos. It is

  3. That is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing!