Thursday, May 14, 2009

welcome to the world, anderson!!

anderson atley clark decided to arrive at 9:27 am on wednesday, may 13th, 2009. he was 6lbs 10oz and 19.5 inches. i labored for 22 hours, mainly because he got stuck in the birth canal and had to be vacuumed out..he's had a rad bump on his head that is slowly going away. that was my luck. thanks, son. appreciate it!! i was all worth it though. jakob and i are undecided though if we're going to have another one this way!! it's still a little too early to forget about the pain. we'll revisit the topic at a later time. like, 3 years from now.

we're doing great. he's passed all of his tests so far..he even got his first certificate for getting 100% on his hearing test! he's a good sleeper, right now. we'll see how that turns out later on. hopefully he'll keep that up. he loves being held, of course! and most of all, he's the most beautiful baby ever born! we both can't stop staring at him! this whole 9 month ordeal was amazing. tough, fun (at times), and especially rewarding.

now, here comes the fun, stressful, scary, and interesting part. raising our son. here goes nothing!!!!


  1. congratulations kathie! i can't wait to watch him grow!

  2. I can't wait to meet him. Maybe he heard us making plans to get him out, that's why he refused for so long. But, I just can't wait to meet him. I can't imagine how tired you must be. But, how cool! We're taking that baby to Torchy's. He just has to join the Lady's Luncheon Taco League. Oh, I gave us a name!